Ubex AI (UBEX) Advertising using AI and Blockchain Technology

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Ubex (UBEX) ICO Review – WALLBULLBEAR Crypto Blog

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange ecosystem which aims to maximize advertisement purchasing efficiency using a self-learning neural network and minimize participants’ risks through the application of blockchain technology and smart contracts.


As the world grapples to eliminate toxic ads, misplaced ads and age-inappropriate advertisements from our day-to-day Internet life, it seems like the primary source of these problems are found inside advertisers and publishers inherent inefficiencies.

Last year, more than 250 brands had reportedly pulled out their advertising spend from Google’s services after a newspaper investigation found that their ads appearing next to the extremist content on YouTube.

The same year, Incapsula published its annual reports for the year 2016 and estimated that up to 52% of all traffic to advertiser’s websites are generated by bots.

For this reason, some advertisers are forced to use the traditional advertising approach and pay-per-click method which is known of having a bad reputation of bringing low actual sales, fraudulent risk and bots as well.

Not to mention the effects it will be caused to the end users and regular internet users in general.

End users can suffer from hidden costs and price markup from products and services caused by the inherent advertisers and publishers inefficiencies.

Internet users are more susceptible to meet ads that were either don’t need at the time or don’t need all and many cases affect overall user experience and web functionality.

The source of this issue?


  • High Commission due to the presence of intermediaries
  • Risk of Fraud due to forced Pay-Per-Click
  • Ineffective Targeting due to a weak algorithm


  • Low ad slots load due to the inefficient algorithm
  • A low number of targeted actions due to inefficient targeting
  • Non-payment of advertising costs from dishonest advertisers

This is why Ubex has been created –


Ubex is a global decentralized ad exchange ecosystem designed to maximize advertisement purchasing efficiency and solve advertisers and publishers inherent inefficiencies due to a weak algorithm using a self-learning neural network.

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Ubex is also designed to reduce participation risk, intermediaries, high risks and uncertainties in payment through the application of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Ubex ICO Platform Features

Thanks to blockchain technology all user actions are now secure and stored in database transparent to all contributors and can be a good source for future reference of reviews and ratings.

Smart Contract is added to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries that cost an advertiser to lose on about 10 to 20 percent for employing advertising agencies or digital agencies.

Advertiser and publishers with the application of blockchain technology and advanced artificial neural networks can now experience a smooth transition to Cost-Per-Action or Pay-Per-Result to fight growing trends of ad bots and fraudulent risk while at the same time benefit with high return of traffic and product sale.

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Paying for an action creates incentives for all contributors to the system and motivate them to maximize honestly and improve overall effectiveness.

Ubex through the application of artificial neural networks a subset of machine learning a subset of Artificial Intelligence is creating an algorithm that distributes offers from advertisers in real-time in the best ideal way.

Artificial neural networks and dedicated algorithm help publishers to increases its targeting of advertising level to maximizes the number of targeted actions and advertising relevance for each user as well.

Ubex AI AG company is registered in Switzerland and its headquarter is located at Crypto Valley Labs “The Block”, Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.1

The Ecosystem –

The Ubex ecosystem is designed to connect advertiser and publishers into one smart advertising exchange using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Ubex ICO Ecosystem

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The system core named Advanced Decentralized Advertising Marketing (ADAM) is responsible for making the decision to display advertising materials. This decision is based on the data stored in the blockchain as well as on the model data of the artificial neural network stored internally.

How does this work?

When users open a publisher’s website, within the split seconds artificial neural networks do the following:

  • Collects most information from both the publisher’s website and the users.
  • Analyzing their current interest and needs
    Gather a list of ads that would appeal the users most and,
  • Appears the ads to the users that are relevant and financially benefit the most.

Ubex Token –

Ubex utility token UBEX together with the Smart Contract will keep unnecessary middleman away from advertising cost.

Every block created by the contributor’s interaction within the Ubex ecosystem creates UBEX Token as a reward.

UBEX Token acts as the backbone of the Ubex decentralized ad exchange ecosystem. No other token will be accepted by Ubex Smart Contract but UBEX Token.

Where to get UBEX Token?

As of the now, you can get UBEX Token by taking part in Ubex Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

Ubex offers bonuses for all early adaptors who like to join. It can be purchased at Ubex tokensale: https://tokensale.ubex.com starting on May 21, 2018. The base price is 1 UBEX for 0.00001 ETH. Early participants of Ubex Token Sale are eligible to receive a bonus of up to 20%.


Ubex global decentralized advertising exchange platform is creating a potentially revolutionary smart advertising hub using advanced artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Take Part Now!

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WEBSITE: https://www.ubex.com
WHITEPAPER: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-en.pdf?6348
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/UbexAI
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/UbexAl/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ubex_ai/
BLOG: https://medium.com/ubex

Proof of Authorship: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1249182

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