Superb Ways to Buy or Sell Goods without turning Crypto back into fiat currency

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Ubcoin (UBC) Review – WALLBULLBEAR Crypto Blog – ICO Review

Ubcoin Market is a global marketplace for interested buyers and sellers of any physical goods in exchange for cryptocurrency. Ubcoin Market is an extension platform of Ubank mobile app an award-winning in FinTech. The Ubcoin Marketplace App aims to deliver cryptocurrencies and its core technology available for billions of Smartphone users around the world.


More and more people are investing in cryptocurrency because they wanted to grow their money.

However, because of the county’s local regulators and bank, they leave no choice but to turn crypto back into fiat currency when they wanted to buy goods online and on-ground.

It’s hard for crypto users spend cryptocurrencies today. The fact is, there’s no proper marketplace for them to start with.

But crypto users are not alone,

Hundreds of million people are getting more interested in cryptocurrency and ready to accept and try to invest to become richer as well.

A lot of them are not knowledgeable enough to build and keep up complicated mining software or even try trading crypto or investing.

This group of people who are already in buy and sell business or simple online shopper are prone to meet scammers because of the unsecure possible way we are communicating to the crypto world.

This is what Ubank team wanted to solve by building an application for mobile users who are ready to buy or sell any physical goods in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Ubank —

Ubank app is one of the most popular banking application for mobile users. It is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company started in 2009. Ever before, Ubank have already captured the imagination of the world by launching an advertisement back 2009 while the world is under the Global Financial Crisis.

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Ubank mobile application has over 16 million installations worldwide with over 2.5 million monthly users. It is already available as a pre-installed application in all, Samsung and Fly Smartphones.

Ubcoin Marketplace —

Today, more and more countries around the globe are turning crypto down almost in lethal degree. Some of which, have even warned its locals to stay away from using crypto which forced other store who like to accept and already accepting cryptocurrencies to drop the service.

The same goes outside the crypto world, where in some that already into a buy and sell business or person who like sell goods in exchange for cryptocurrency are still finding it difficult to find a proper marketplace to start with.

Ubcoin Market is an extension platform and the new strategic features of Ubank. Ubcoin Market is a Blockchain-Based platform for mobile e-commerce market and crypto users. It is intended to serve as a global marketplace to buy and sell users who are ready to accept or use cryptocurrency.

Ubcoin team of developers and Ubank founders aims to deliver cryptocurrencies and its core technology for billions of mobile smartphone users around the globe. Ubcoin aims to break the gap between the crypto world and the known global marketplace.

The Ecosystem —

Ubcoin Market is eBay-like peer-to-peer marketplace build on top of ethereum blockchain. Ubcoin will enable to bring 200 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.

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For example:

  • Jane wanted to invest in cryptocurrency because she wants to grow her money, but she finds it complicated.
  • The same time she has a smartphone and wanted to sell.
  • Jane places and advertisement on Ubcoin Market where she offers her smartphone for a thousand Ubcoins.
  • Chris has a crypto coin that he collected through mining and investing.
  • He wants to buy a smartphone without exchanging crypto coins into fiat money.
  • Chris swaps his cryptocurrencies in some cryptocurrency exchange for some Ubcoin and response to Jane’s posting.
  • Chris and Jane sign a Smart Contract and meet the next day.
  • After Chris takes the smartphone, a thousand Ubcoin appear in Jane’s wallet.
  • Both of them are happy with Ubcoin Market smart and convenient peer-to-peer operation.

Watch this video from Ubcoin:

Some Ubcoin Token features:

  • Token burn program — as the business grows, 5% of Ubcoin fees from user’s transactions is burned to reduce the token supply.
  • Native to the ecosystem — the Ubcoin token UBC is a utility token that powers the whole peer-to-peer marketplace ecosystem. No other token will be accepted by Smart Contract but UBC.

UBC token will be listed on top crypto exchanges shortly after Initial Coin Offering is finished.

Want to buy Ubcoin token now?

Take part in Ubcoin Initial Coin Offering that is happening now. Get a chance to buy Ubcoin now with an exciting bonus.

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I do recommend all to take into account the technical part and corresponding obstacles that may arise during Ubcoin Market projects further development and invite you as well to carefully read and check Ubcoin whitepaper to learn more.
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