The Benefit Of Connecting Marketing Channels Using OSA Decentralized AI-Driven And Blockchain-Based Platform

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OSA Decentralized is the world’s first decentralized AI-driven and Blockchain-based marketplace. OSA Decentralized aim to significantly reduce inefficiencies by uniting Manufacturers, Consumers, and Retailers into one smart data hub ecosystem that leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. OSA Decentralized is built on top of the already established OSA Hybrid Platform.


Product pricing depends on the purchasing power of consumers, marketing method, demand for the product and most importantly, the cost of production.

When you buy a product, you generally paying the process of turning this product from raw to valuable goods before being available to the market.

The process requires money, workers, logistics, advertisement, warehousing, marketing, and taxation which ever-changing its value over time.

But on top of this normal product pricing is the hidden cost, this is created not because of the manufacturers and retailers eagerness to earn more money, but because of the inefficiencies in their product inventories which is the primary reason there are oversupply and shortages.

Another source of hidden cost which accounts the more percentage compare to oversupply and shortages found in all members of the supply chain.

According to some reports, 2% of all retail goods are lost and misplaced on their way from manufacturers down to the consumers. For some products, such as fresh produce, this figure may be as high as 40%.

This product and resource waste and other lost sales opportunities caused retailers to losses of around $500 Billion dollars annually.

To cover losses, manufacturers and retailers add hidden cost to some of their products and the general consumers paying this.

Not to mention the effects it will be caused to the environment.

The source of this problem? Oversupply and shortage of goods due to inefficient product inventory tracking, lack of consumer confidence due to the unreliability of product data a huge amount of product waste in the supply chain and households.

This is why OSA Decentralized has been created.

OSA Decentralized is designed to help manufacturers and retailers to significantly reduce product waste and spoilage caused by imbalance supply chain, inefficiencies on product inventory and other lost sale opportunities from product mishandling, products that are lost or misplaced, stolen, damaged, spoiled or stuck in the supply chain.


What is OSA Decentralized?

OSA Decentralized is the world’s first decentralized data hub and marketplace, providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.

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Osa Decentralized ICO Ecosystem

Started in 2015, OSA company already changing the manufacturing and retailing industry by introducing its technology OSA Hybrid Platform.

OSA Hybrid Platform gains popularity by successfully provides assistance to over 20 retailers and manufactures in 3 different countries.

OSA Hybrid Platform is powered by Machine Learning Technologies that gives an in-depth information about the products optimal shelf availability in real-time.

Now, OSA plans to launch a potentially, revolutionary AI-driven and Blockchain-based platform OSA Decentralized.

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The Ecosystem –

The whole ecosystem is designed to connect all data from manufacturers, retailers, and consumers into one big data hub that is analyzed with the aid of Artificial Intelligence before completely being compiled and stored in Blockchain.

Osa Decentralized ICO Ecosystem


How does this work?

First, data from factories, warehouses, stores, and consumers are collected.

Then, all fragmented data will go to “Data Lake” and Artificial Intelligence clean data from a data lake.

Lastly, all data that have been analyzed are now available to store in the blockchain.

Osa Decentralized ICO Platform Features

OSA Token –

Every block that is added to the blockchain creates token as a reward. This token acts as the backbone of the ecosystem. No other token will be accepted by Smart Contract but OSA Token.

OSA Token can also become a reward to any consumers or any person part of supply chain who like to take part as a reviewer and as a source of data.

Data includes photos of any given products that are broken, spoiled, mishandled or have a delivery problem.

After validation of reviews and other reports has been completed, you can now earn OSA Token.

Another beauty of using OSA Decentralized platform is that consumers can use non-bulky devices like a smartphone to navigate OSA decentralized features.

Visit OSA Decentralized website to learn more.

Where to get OSA Token?

As of the moment, you can get OSA Token by taking part in OSA Decentralized Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

ICO is happening Now and OSA Decentralized offers bonuses for all early adopters who like to join.

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OSA Decentralized is inviting all to take part in its ICO. Funds collected will be used for OSA Decentralized platform further development and working expansion to different countries.

To take part, simply go to OSA Decentralized official website:

Please review the OSA Decentralized project proposal and take into account some technical part and challenge it may meet during and after its further development.

Carefully read their whitepaper that is available in full and 2 pages. The whitepaper is available in any language. Visit OSA website to learn more.

Osa Decentralized ICO Platform

OSA team and its developers already changing the marketplace by providing real-time assistance to over 20 retailers and manufactures in 3 different countries.


Now, OSA wants to level up its usability by creating a platform that is enriched by both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

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Take part now!

Osa Decentralized ICO

Osa Decentralized ICO Partners


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