Smart Valor (VALOR) Named One Of Crypto Valleys’ Top 50, Most Important Blockchain Companies

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Smart Valor (VALOR) ICO Review – Wallbullbear Crypto Blog

Valor Platform is the world’s first decentralized global marketplace for tokenized alternative investments. Valor Platform aims to connect the crypto world and the real world of investing using Smart Valor’s own Swiss Blockchain Technology and its featured technology Smart Contract, tokenization and decentralization. Smart Valor is the company behind Valor Protocol and is a FINMA compliance company.

In The News:

Smart Valor is named one of Crypto Valley’s Top 50 Blockchain Companies by CV VC — a Zug-based investor in collaboration with consultancy PwC Strategy & Switzerland and technology provider Inacta. Source

Smart Valor receives regulatory approval from the Swiss authority FINMA to launch cryptocurrency business and operate as financial intermediaries. Source


Introduction to Alternative Investments —

In the world of trading and investing, asset value can significantly change its price in a matter of short time, investors tend to diversify its portfolio to mitigate the strong volatility of the market. Alternative investments serve as a safe haven for many investors who like to hold assets for a longer period of time without worrying too much about its future price going down.

Like any investment, the ROI (Return of Investment) is not certain, but this type of financial instruments can potentially give a higher return than the traditional investments. Alternative Investments is very lucrative and complex type of investment as well, which is why investors who are more attracted to try an alternative approach are considered wealthier and institutionalized like foundations and more.

Despite the fact about its nature and difficulty, according to some prediction, alternative investments have the potential to grow to over 18 trillion dollars worldwide by the year 2020. But this prediction may not happen in the future because of increasing attention investors put in blockchain technology.

The rise of Blockchain Technology —

Blockchain Technology’s main feature; Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralization are now changing the world of investing. Today, traditional and alternative investments enthusiast and even small investors can now have the chance to take part and join alternative investments, though ICO investing with few problems, limitation, and boundaries of course.

Crypto coin investing is subject to the high danger of hacking through unsecured and wallet complexity, legal uncertainty through limited legal obligation imposed by crypto coin exchanges to crypto traders, and poor user experience.

Smart Valor aims to create a system that combines the power of blockchain technology and alternative investments’ wealth opportunity. Valor Platform is built to connect the crypto world and known world of alternative investments using enhanced financial technology that is built on top of Smart Valor own swiss blockchain technology.

What is Valor Platform?

Valor Platform is a decentralized and open-source financial technology, which aims to bring alternative investments made available to mass crypto coin users and non-crypto coin community of traditional and alternative investments who see the opportunity of utilizing crypto coin for borderless and frictionless venture capital investing, real state and ICO investing.

Smart Valor and its project Valor Platform are featured in The Crypto Valley’s Top 50 must watch blockchain technology project, awarded in Zug, Switzerland on October 10, 2018. Smart Valor is the company behind Valor Platform and is a FINMA compliance company.

Smart Valor Features

The Ecosystem —

Valor Platform is a global marketplace for tokenized alternative investments. It is a one-stop place to buy or sell any tokenized asset that is backed by its corresponding physical assets available in the real world market.

Smart Valor Function Utility

Traditional venture capital and private equity investments are also available to be tokenized. This type of investments is known to be less liquid compared with crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. With a Valor Platform approach to tokenized traditional VC and PE, investors of traditional assets can now earn more and gain the highest possible ROI.

Not only that, investors who like taking part in real estate and construction project can now invest without worrying too much about its local regulations and limit using Valor Platform tokenization and decentralization feature.

Valor Platform is also a community-based ecosystem with features that give a reward to all who like to take part as a curator, developer, miner, market maker, legal advisor, and liquidity provider. Every block that is created from all kinds of interaction within the whole ecosystem is rewarded using Valor Platform utility token VALOR Token.

VALOR Token —

Valor Platform ecosystem is built in blockchain technology and it is intended to create a marketplace for tokenized alternative investments.

Smart Valor VALOR Token

The ecosystem is backed by Smart Contract and its own crypto coin VALOR Token — an ERC-20 token compliant to the Ethereum blockchain and as platform usability continues to rise, the value of the VALOR Token increases as well.

VALOR Token functions as a utility token for all interaction of members and non-members who hold VALOR Token. It can function as a reward for any active contributors or as a payment for any services that require a fee. No other token will be accepted by Smart Contract but VALOR Token.

Where to get VALOR Token now?

Smart Valor is conducting Initial Coin Offering or ICO to support the Valor Platform’s further development. If you like to take part Smart Valor is offering rewards or bonuses based on stage you want to take part. For a complete list please contact Smart Valor team.

To take part simply head on to the Smart Valor website:

Please take into account the technical part and corresponding obstacles this project might meet while and after the project is further developed. I invite you to carefully read Smart Valor’s Whitepaper:


Smart Valor aims to build a blockchain-based platform for tokenized alternative investments to democratized access to wealth and promote the better trading experience for traditional and alternative investors. Smart Valor project is a FINMA compliance company and it is listed as one of the top 50 blockchain technology to watch by the Zug-based investor CV VC.

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