Plaza (PLAZA) bCommerce The Next-Generation of Blockchain Technology for Commerce

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Plaza (PLAZA & PlazaDollar) ICO Review – Wallbullbear Crypto Blog

Plaza project aims to connect sellers and businesses to its innovative technology — next generation blockchain commerce or Total “bCommerce” promised to connect buyers and consumers into one smart and user-friendly ecosystem. Plaza’s other technology includes fast and future-proof “MerchantChain” offering fast, sustainable, scalable, secure and most future-proof distributed ledger. Plaza team is promoting its project as the world’s fastest blockchain designed for commerce.


The dream to unify the world’s fragmented commerce has now made even more possible thanks to crypto coins and its core technology, the blockchain and smart contract. We have now entered into a phase on which we demand to a more secure, faster and yet low-cost transaction operation.

Cyber-currency as the backbone of any ecosystem build on top of blockchain has even more famous because of the trend blockchain technology can possibly be made to transform any businesses into a long-term possibility.

But the world’s economy is not ready yet to accept crypto coin as monetary wheel due to the unregulated use of it leading the market to go too volatile in most cases. Transaction per second of some of the crypto world biggest crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) are still grasping to meet global demand and competitiveness. It is also good to mention that news about hacking plays a vital role in this recent condition of crypto coins as well.

The source of this issue?

  • Lack of technological advancement that will meet the global need.
  • Highly dependent on crypto coin’s volatile market.
  • No platform to successfully connect lifestyle and technology.

How will Plaza solve this?

Plaza aims to leverage and enhance the power of blockchain technology to its platform to help bring the peer-to-peer smooth transition to using its own trademark technologies bCommerce, MerchantChain, and Freedom Lifestyle.

Plaza platform is dedicated to commerce and for businesses who like to add crypto coin usability to their platform.

Crypto holders i.e. miners, traders, and investors can now use their crypto coin to buy and sell goods without the need of turning their crypto coin back into any fiat currency.

The non-crypto community will also benefit Plaza’s platform, especially those who like to have crypto coins, but not knowledgeable enough to build sophisticated mining software or even try complicated crypto trading and investing.

Retailer and consumers will also enjoy this technology thanks to Plaza’s PlazaDollar or PL$, this token is not highly dependent on the crypto world’s volatile market.

Plaza ICO Features

Plaza’s trademark technology bCommerce promise to bring the next-generation of blockchain technology for commerce. bCommerce help sellers and businesses to easily connect without any hassle and other known inefficiencies.

Total bCommerce by Plaza Systems —

Plaza is building a platform for commerce and any interested company who like to accept crypto coin to their platform, but find it worrisome due to the high dependency of crypto coins to crypto market’s volatile market.

Thanks to Plaza’s trademark innovation, sellers and businesses who demand price stability, transaction scalability and security can now experience the next-generation blockchain technology.

The bCommerce technology of Plaza is advertised as the fastest, most scalable, most sustainable, most secure, and most future-proof distributed ledger.

The Ecosystem-

The Plaza’s ecosystem is designed to be scalable and decentralized to achieve long-term stability and efficiency.

Using this chart below, we can see how platform users can interact with each other and how Plaza’s PLAZA Token and PlazaDollar can possibly sustain platform operation while at the same time cut direct effect of the unpredictive volatility of the crypto market.

Plaza ICO Platform Ecosystem

Plaza platform is built on top of blockchain technology and operated using its two main crypto coin PLAZA Token and PlazaDollar.

PLAZA Token and PlazaDollar-

Plaza ICO Token

PlazaDollar (Codename: Please or PL$) Is been created to accommodate company, retail businesses, and consumers that are worried to the crypto-coin volatile economy. PlazaDollar is tethered to the dollar price and can be exchanged back and forth.

PLAZA Token (Codename: Master) Is a standard ERC-20 token served as the backbone of Plaza’s whole ecosystem and can be traded with other crypto coins after successful coin listing.

Where to buy PLAZA Token?

Plaza team is conducting the token sale or Initial Coin Offering now to collect funds that will be used to further develop the Plaza System. The plaza offers bonuses for some early adopters who like to join. I invite you to first visit Plaza website: to learn more.

Please check this project first and dive into the technical part and possible challenge Plaza project may meet. For any question, please contact support team or join Plaza’s telegram group. The plaza’s whitepaper is divided into two parts: one-pager and full whitepaper:


Plaza project aimed to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology back to the world’s already profit and nonprofit organization. Fill in the gap between lifestyle and technology.

Help them reach their target.

Take part Now!

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