Mycro (MYO) — To Further Lift Gig Economy Using Blockchain Technology

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Mycro (MYO) ICO Review

Mycro “Simply getting the job done” is a decentralized job hub mobile application (DApp) with an ecosystem that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Mycro platform is working towards creating a real-time solution for our time and money problem, this project aims to give the gig economy a favor to experience next-generation technology using blockchain technology.

Gig economy has seen incredibly boom over the past recent years, last year only, there were about 16.5 million people living in the USA alone already enjoys the convenience of using this kind of service.

From finding jobs for the right price to hiring someone to do the jobs that require specific experience, skills or expertise, all can now even made more possible thanks to digitization approach done several years ago.

With the further help of blockchain (a new technology that opens wide possibilities to operate online and on-ground without the need or requiring to have any third participation), we can increase the chance of reaching more people by the year 2022.

This is why Mycro Jobs platform is created. Project Mycro aims to improve our work-life balance and it is working towards creating real-time solution for our time and money problem.

The platform said to be build on top of blockchain technology and uses secure smart contract, and backed by its own utility token MYO.

What is Mycro Jobs? —

Mycro “Simply getting the job done” is a decentralized global peer-to-peer network and online job marketplace for a simple job with an ecosystem that is built on top of the ethereum blockchain and backed by its own utility token MYO.

It is working towards creating real-time solution for our time and money problem and aims to improve our work-life balance.

The project aims to dramatically change world’s workforce industry starting from its team own city and build organic grow before entering critical mass market.

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is secure by design and works without the need of central entity to operate. It is distributed, means all record of transactions are available across many computers around the world.

Blockchain is reliable for keeping data transactions. It keeps any involved data away from possible change or alterations without the full consensus of all running the node.

Job providers and jobbers who like to try Mycro app functionality will have the capability to interact with one another without worrying too much of dealing with high fees or waiting line.

By cutting third-party services which is known only take the process longer and fees higher, Mycro can help gig economy to further lift.

MYO Token —

Mycro token (MYO) is a standard ERC20 utility token that will be used throughout the Mycro ecosystem.

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Its main use case is to serve as the main backbone for all interaction and operation that requires currency as a payment or reward such as when creating a job, as a reward for good ratings after successfully completing jobs and to support community growth-pool.

Mycro ICO —

Mycro is now on its crowdfunding stage or initial coin offering. The team aims to collect funds that will be used to support the platform’s further improvement and usability expansion. Starting with the team own city, the team aims to build organic growth first from city to city before entering critical mass adaptation.

To learn more about this project head on to Mycro project’s website and token sale landing page available below.

You may also want to read their whitepaper to dive into technical part and further review all corresponding obstacles this project might meet while entering mass market, links to their whitepaper and social media pages are in below as well.

Summary —

Digitalization approach in the gig economy seen incredibly change the world’s workforce industry and helps million job seekers and job providers in all parts of the world in the last recent years.

Mycro Jobs project aims to use the power of blockchain and help us solve our time and money problem. It give users the capability to pay someone to do simple jobs or accept payment to do jobs faster.

With this project new approach to use blockchain technology, we can increase the chance of reaching billion by the year 2022.

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