Moozicore (MZG) Revolutionary Music Streaming Program For Venues Where Music Is Essential For Customers

Moozicore (MZG) Revolutionary Music Streaming Program For Venues Where Music Is Essential For Customers

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Moozicore (MZG) ICO Review – Wallbullbear Crypto Blog
Moozicore is an intuitive background music service for businesses where music is essential for their patrons. Moozicore aims to revolutionize and transform background music into an interactive customer-sourced yet compliant experience using Moozicore App and MooziCoin Gold (MZG) Token.

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Have you been in a restaurant or in a bar with a piece of background music that suddenly makes you feel like you wanted to drink wine, beer, or coffee,

Well if you are, you’re not alone.

Restaurant music is part of the company’s marketing strategy to create ambiance and atmosphere, enhance customer’s taste buds and to increase table turnover.

There are numerous evidence, that music strongly influences our perception of food, one example is from research done by Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM), which reveal a strong correlation between restaurant vibe and customer satisfaction.

The study shows that the strong majority of volunteers says that they would likely to visit a particular concept again based on the venue’s music ambiance, and the restaurant’s welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

For decades, restaurants and bars used to rely on Vinyl and CDs to provide background music for their patrons, this gradually changed in the turn of the century.

Digital music comes into play and brings us better music experience, convenience and a great selection of music for the different type of occasions.

Today, more and more business establishments are now using popular and non-commercial streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal to deliver background music for their venues,

However, this type of service is designed for personal use only and many businesses aren’t familiar with the law that prohibits anyone to use such service for commercial purposes.

This why Moozicore has been created —

Moozicore is a digital background music service created to offer an intuitive and compliant business solution for businesses where music is essential for consumers.

This ingenious design aims to transform background music in venues such as restaurants (fine and casual), bars (recreational and entertainment), coffee shops, and other public venues.

What’s more?

Using Moozicore App, customers can now take part and gain control over public music playlists to add their song to play next or pick a song from the already set playlist, vote for a piece of upcoming music, and sync their favorite music from Spotify.

Moozicore app now available in beta for testing and If you are running a business or just an avid fan of music and wants to promote compliant use of music in public venues, you can test Moozicore beta app functionality with no cost whatsoever.

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First, you need to download the Moozicore app that is available on Android and iOS devices, from there, using your personal computer or TV screen, head on to this link: and create or sync music playlist to play.

With this technology, customers can now influence, add, vote, and share their songs on the venue’s playlists using the Moozicore app.

Businesses who like to try this technology is required to first get performance licenses from the United States Performing Rights Organization (ASCAP, BMI & SESAC) before using Moozicore technology.

Behind this project are dedicated tech and business entrepreneur in the field of finance and blockchain technology. Moozicore project is back by renowned tech pioneer and visionary ICO investor, John McAfee who acts as a company’s advisor.

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Moozicore Token —

MooziCoin Gold (MZG) is an ERC20 utility token that will be used throughout the Moozicore ecosystem. The token smart contract implements OpenZeppelin standards for code quality and security.

“Moozicore Token will create benefits for both venue owners and venue customers.” — Whitepaper

Its main use case is to serve as the backbone for all interaction within the app such as voting, picking songs, adding songs, and sharing of songs.

MZG Token Burn Program —

Moozicore Holding, the company behind Moozicore project aims to conduct buyback and token burn program to support early backers as the company continue to expand and successfully form strategic partnerships in the future.

“we are ensuring that contributors will directly benefit from the success of the Moozicore service. The MZG token stays at the heart of the business and service it created.” — Moozicore Blog

The process works toward decreasing MZG token supply in the market that will eventually improve its price and reward contributors. Funds allocated to support this program said to be 10% of revenue generated by the company through in-app payments.

Moozicore ICO —

Moozicore is now in its second stage of token-sale after successfully reached their Pre-sale hardcap target. The startup will open its second main sale stage today December 17, 2018, and will reopen again next year January 7, 2018.

Moozicore team aims to collect funds that will support Moozicore platform’s further upgrade, product usability expansion across the United States and the Asian countries, marketing, service licensing, and funds that will be used for legal and accounting.

MZG Token will be available only during the Initial Coin Offer program hosted by the team and no MZG Token will be issued after that. Any unsold MZG token is said to be locked until March 31, 2019, and will then go to the user’s growth pool according to the company’s submitted Whitepaper.

Dec 17, 2018 – Jan 07, 2019
Price: 1 MZG = 0.00025 ETH
30% Discount from in-app price

Jan 07, 2019 – Feb 22, 2019
Price: 1 MZG = 0.00032 ETH
10% Discount from in-app price

MZG Token will soon to be listed and traded in Latoken (a cutting-edge crypto exchange technology with 179 active trading pairs) after the Moozicore token-sale is finalized.

If you like to take part, head on to Moozicore token-sale landing page and create a new account. All vital links and official social media pages are in below.

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