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Iconiq Holding, the company behind the Iconiq Lab project is proud to announce its recent development that will support ICNQ token future price and ICNQ early backers. November last year the company decided to cancel its token sale on GBX GRID and its plan to burn all unsold token after concerns regarding the sale of the ICNQ token on GBX while it is already trading on IDEX. As of today, all 10 million unsold ICNQ tokens from ICNQ token sale have officially been burned. ICNQ Token is soon to be listed on GBX in late January.

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Official Announcement:

January 17, 2019. At Iconiq Holding, our goal is to drive value to our community through the development of sustainable and scalable business models for Iconiq Lab, Iconiq Funds and the soon to be launched technology platform for Crypto Asset Managers, AMaaS. With the ICNQ sale now concluded, the Iconiq Holding team is burning all unsold ICNQ tokens on Jan. 17, 2019, a total of 7,039,816.394627980, to the burn wallet.

As of today, only 10 Million of the initially planned 20 Million ICNQ tokens will remain outstanding when including the previously burned 2,960,183.60537202 tokens from prior sales and services rendered by Iconiq. The other burn wallet is [wallet]

The 10 Million outstanding ICNQ token supply will continually be reduced as we burn 10% of all tokens Iconiq receives for services on a quarterly basis.

Keep an eye out for the listing of the ICNQ token on GBX-DAX later this month. The Airdrop and Bounty distribution will be initiated as soon as all testing is completed. Thank you for your patience!

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