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A highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum. Winning team at ETHWaterloo, the worlds largest Ethereum hackathon.

Blockchain technology has a potential to transform any businesses into a long-term possibility. The introduction of cryptocurrencies in any startup platform or ecosystem under blockchain infrastructure are known to have the capability to change how people can safely transact online and on ground without the need or having a third party.

One major concern with blockchain technology and using cryptocurrencies is the speed and cost needed to transfer ethereum or any ERC-20 based crypto from one place to another.

Demand and other security attacks is one major catalyst and possibly destroy every crypto users experience over time.

In addition,

Smartphone user by demand is incredibly increasing and said to continue to double in the nearer future,

According to the recent independent studies, average internet users prefer android smartphones and iOS devices as their basic tool of communication to the world wide web now. By using smartphones, users of traditional desktop computer can now transact anywhere and anytime without bringing too bulky devices with them.


Paid products inside every application and other mobile e-commerce related goods are going to hit trillion market level by 2021.

But, even though smartphones users and mobile application commerce is increasing by demand, Blockchain Technology adaptation on mobile smartphones are still limited. This might be the primary reason why cryptocurrency in general is still consider by many as nothing more but highly lucrative and difficult.

This is how GoNetwork works,

GoNetwork startup application is planning to target trillion dollar mobile e-commerce industry by leveraging the usability of Ethereum in any mobile phone users anywhere.

GoNetwork team of developers aims to solve the scalability problem and transactions cost and speed in ethereum and other erc-20 based tokens.

This approach is no longer limited for desktop users only but soon to cater trillion dollar worth commerce of mobile smartphone industry as well.

Last year, ETHWaterloo successfully conducted what crypto world consider to be the largest Ethereum Hackathon. The panel of judges composed of some big name in the industry.

Just to name the few we have Vitalik Buterin (The Founder of Ethereum), Jeff Coleman (Ledger Labs), Brian Bondy (CTO & Co-Founder, Brave), Joey Krug (Founder of Augur), Joseph Lubin (Founder of Consensys), and Dmitry Buterin the father of Vitalik.

ETHWaterloo Ethereum Hackathon has over 400 participants coming from 32 countries around the world and took over 32 hours before winners are presented.

Among the participants was the local Waterloo based GoNetwork team. GoNetwork presentation uniquely focus on how Bluetooth capability on smartphones can help leap ethereum blockchain while bringing wider masses of mobile users.

GoNetworks is among the eighth winners of the said hackathon.

GoNetworks ETHWaterloo submittion focuses on building a platform that solve the scalability problem and high transaction cost not only for desktop platform users but for mobile users in general.


What is GoNetwork?

GoNetwork is a startup project started to conceptualized last year. Team up by group of people in one aim, which is to build a scalable on-chain and off-chain operation making ethereum transactions fast, cheap and manageable using mobile application anywhere and anytime.

GoNetwork Massive Potential

The team is focusing on building a platform for smartphones users which already dominated the whole technological-hardware based economy.

Smartphone demand is expected to increase and continue to bring a hundred of potential investors based on the recent statistics. According to GoNetwork website, the platform is designed for the trillion dollar mobile economy and commerce market.

By creating an application available for smartphones users we can get wider audience and future prospect to enter cryptocurrency world without limitation.

Why GoNetwork plans to focus on building an application for smartphones users?

The world’s mobile app demand is statistically predicted to grow by 2021. Recent studies suggested that the global mobile app economy is estimated to be worth 6 Trillion US Dollar by 2021 based on yearly growth rate of 37% from 1.3 Trillion US Dollar in 2016.

According to AppAnnie forecasts, by the year 2021, the average app user will spend more than 1 Thousand US Dollar each year on app-related offerings like in-app virtual goods and ad-free experience.

Bringing blockchain technology to the wider masses is revolutionary indeed.

GoNetwork – Making Transaction Cheaper

One of the major problem every crypto community facing with blockchain technology is the high transaction fees and how to make it faster. ICO Investors and crypto traders leave no choice but to cope for now, but just like every business, high cost versus the actual price can lead to lower productivity.

But one of the most affected are airdropers and bounty participants. On average, this people experience high cost transaction which sometimes exceeds the original value of crypto specially erc-20 based tokens that requires higher gas limit.

To solve this problem GoNetwork will build an application made for mobile smartphones, allowing its users to make an off-chain transactions anywhere without bringing too bulky devices.

This approach, if continue to develop, will be the first low cost Peer-to-Peer ecosystem dedicated for mobile smartphone users.

GoNetwork Makes Ethereum Fast

At top of the project plan is to bring Ethereum usability to the wider already profit and startup business.

Problems on transaction speed and its cost must solve to attract more business and investors to use Ethereum.

This problem is what GoNetwork team wanted to solve. For more technical details please check GoNetwork whitepaper, links available below.

GoNetwork ICO Details

Just like any other cryptocurrency startup company GoNetwork approach is to lunch Initial Coin Offering as well. This is, to continue develop the concept and possibly added features.

GoNetwork ICO is still live and soon to end.

To take part, just go to GoNetwork website available below and sign-up an account. Join Telegram public discussion to learn more and get informed.


Token Distribution —

● Total token supply: 100,000,000 GOT
● Token sale: 50,000,000 GOT
● GOT Token type: ERC20
● Purchase methods accepted: ETH


Bonus are changing every day so better watch out and take part as early as possible, because as soon as the cap has reached ICO will automatically close with no extension.

Join GoNetwork Now!




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