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CODEX ‘Crypto Exchange of Tomorrow’ is a fully licensed digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform, built on top of EOSIO platform and uses Vanguard security structure. It is a highly competitive and feature-rich, blockchain-based exchange platform with features such as the use of ECC API technology which allows users to store public API key only, Lowest trading fee at the near-zero with 0% deposit fee, Trade Mining program which allows its users to receive Codex token reward by simply trading and holding CDX token, and unique affiliate and loyalty program the market has to offer as well.


The company who runs CODEX Exchange platform is based in Tallinn, Estonia, a country in Europe known for its remarkable steps towards blockchain technology that led many companies operating in digital asset and cryptocurrency industry to have a license to operate.

The CODEX’s idea is straightforward. The company aims to create a crypto exchange service that is fast, secure, compliant, rewarding and with near-zero trading fees.

CODEX is not launching an ICO and accordingly to information taken from their website, they have enough funding, therefore, they didn’t need to launch any form of fundraising mechanism.

Its founder Serge Vasylchuk is also part of AtticLab, one of the top EOS block producers, as co-founder and CEO. For this reason, CODEX’s token CDX is based on EOSIO platform as well. AtticLab is the mother company of CODEX exchange.

CODEX is fully compliance technology regulated under the European Union regulatory board and has been in operation since December 2018 and is publicly launched in January 2019.

The Token

CODEX token CDX is based on the EOSIO platform. The purpose of this utility token is to be able to allow traders to convert fiat to crypto and vice-versa, but also making sure that the transaction is secure, fast, and with near-zero trading fees.

CDX holders have 50% discount on trading fees, and they can participate in the Trade Mining competition where they can receive CDX token reward proportionate to their daily trading volume.

Every day 1 million CDX token will be mined and automatically distributed amongst traders via Trade Mining process.

Token Distribution

The total supply CODEX token is 1,000,000,000 CDX and supply is provided through the trade mining. To make platform works and serves its purpose, 49% of the total supply of CDX token is said to be pre-mined.

15% of the total supply that are part of pre-mined is said to be allocated for investors, 9% for the team and 25% is dedicated for reserve. To assure the stability of Codex token, all pre-mined token has a vesting period of 12 months.

The remaining 51% of the total token supply will be used to support platform’s trade mining events and act as a cashback, 1 million CDX token is mined every day and proportionately distributed among all traders based on their trading performance and the amount of CDX token they have.



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