BRAVO Pay (BVO) Plans To Revolutionize World’s Tipping Industry

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BRAVO Pay is a digital tipping mobile application which aims to revolutionize tipping industry by building an app on top of its own hybrid blockchain based ecosystem to promote secure, fast, low-cost and anonymous payment operation and seamless transition to the peer-to-peer transaction.


Ever since civilization enters into a new kind of financial technological innovation, we have looked at any possible ways to make our day-to-day digital and paperless transaction more economical, fast, secure, anonymous, and low-cost as possible.

In past years, we have seen a lot of innovation in the world of financing industry. Third world and even wealthier countries like Japan, the United State of America, Canada, France, and China are now enjoying the convenience of paperless.

But most people living in a paperless world and generally prefer to use non-bulky mobile banking application usually finds it difficult to pay smaller bills and to pay or give tip to Peoples good service due to high transaction fees and slow confirmation time.

Not to mention the scare of hacking, identity theft and many more.

The source of this issue?

  • Lack of service to match the need of already banked and lack of proper integration for the unbanked population.
  • No proper integration for a safer peer-to-peer transaction.
  • High transaction fees due to inefficient third-party.

How BRAVO Pay will solve this?

BRAVO Pay aims to innovatively change the process of borderless sending payment or tip whether it is a macro or micro-transaction. With BRAVO Pay we can now experience a seamless transition to Peer-To-Peer to lower transaction cost and confirmation time.

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Thanks to BRAVO Pay’s own innovative Hybrid Blockchain Technology we can now experience the next generation of payment platform that is enriched with secured by design technology and with decentralization feature that cut third-participation which can result to a lower transaction cost.

Bravo ICO Features

Started in 2014, BRAVO is already changing tipping industry in the US by featuring everyone’s love — anonymous and seamless ecosystem.

It is no doubt BRAVO wins the heart of the US consumers after winning the Audience Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2015.

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Since then the BRAVO team continues to innovate its mobile app and in early 2017 BRAVO began to develop its Hybrid Consensus Protocol or BHCP.

The same year, 2017 BRAVO was featured on ABC’s SharkTank.

Bravo ICO Features

The Ecosystem —

BRAVO Pay mobile application is built on top of BRAVO Hybrid Blockchain Technology that consists of a public and private blockchain.

The BRAVO’s public blockchain is based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement or FBA consensus algorithm while BRAVO’s private blockchain is based on Proof-Of-Stake or POS algorithm.

BRAVO ecosystem is operated together with its own cryptocurrency or crypto coin “BVO Token” that act as the main backbone of whole BRAVO’s hybrid blockchain ecosystem.

Where to get BVO Token?

BRAVO is now conducting Initial Coin Offering or ICO and now on the public sale status with thousands supporting community and investor around the world. You can get Token by visiting BRAVO’s website:

For a complete and updated list of bonuses and offers head on to BRAVO’s public telegram community and don’t hesitate to say hello.

Please check their wallpaper: and make an independent decision before dealing with crypto coin investing.

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Bravo ICO BVO Token

BRAVO is the easiest, most secure way to pay or get paid. Built for a new generation that demands privacy, speed, and anonymity in payments without the need or having third-party.

Join BRAVO ICO now!


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