Bitex (XBX) Cryptocurrency Exchange, Next-Gen Banking, And Innovative Payment Solution

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Bitex (XBX) ICO Review – Wallbullbear Crypto Blog

Bitex aims to build an open-source and blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange, crypto bank and payment solution for global crypto and non-crypto community. Bitex is the first hyper-localized crypto banking innovation to launch a potentially revolutionary banking system that will enable countless opportunity.


Ever since the creation of the ethereum blockchain, the number of companies building a new platform on top of blockchain technology has grown. Today we witness how this technology is working to help small and medium enterprises build a trusted environment for their end users around the world.

This technological advancement will continue to rise and expected to completely dominate all alternative investments by 2022 according to some reports.

To make this more achievable, we need a product that will innovate the traditional banking system and make it more relevant not only inside the crypto sphere but also in the real market. Crypto coin adaptation for wider audience must be our first to prioritize.

Take the country Philippines as an example. Home to over a hundred million people, this country listed as one and among the lowest in bank account ownership rates of emerging Asia according to the World Bank.

The data illustrate that over three-fourths of the population are unbanked and left out of the current banking system.

Bitex aims to solve this problem using its innovative banking system that leverages advance Blockchain technology and its main features such as decentralization, secure smart contract, crypto coin minting, and distributed ledger. Disrupting the billion-dollar global banking industry.

What is Bitex?

Bitex Global is building an open-source, blockchain-based platform and cutting-edge cryptocurrency business solution that will change the way we transfer money around the world.

It is a decentralized banking infrastructure designed to be felt first by local in countries with higher rate incidence of the locals considered unbanked, under-served and left out of the current banking system.

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Bitex team is developing a payment infrastructure ecosystem based on ATM’s and mobile card readers that will be installed in over 20,000 locations throughout the world as the services continue.

Bitex Global licensed its own financial technology EZBitex Platform Software to Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Singapore, and India.

Over 2.7 Million US Dollars has been raised by Bitex Global thru sales and licenses for the EZBitex Platform Software to its franchise partners in over 8 countries.

EZBitex Platform is a decentralized crypto coin exchange and next-generation banking infrastructure created specifically for trading, currency exchange, for loan service, crypto staking, and other services under the traditional money exchange.

Bitex Global, the company behind Bitex is based in Silicon Valley, USA, and has an office located in New Delhi, India. Bitex Global team is experts in developing crypto coin exchanges and supporting other blockchain-based project’s ICO since 2013.

The Ecosystem —

Bitex platform system is built on top of blockchain technology and created to bridge the gap between the crypto-coin world and the real global economy.

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Bitex Ecosystem Wallbullbear Crypto Blog

All operations and interaction between the merchant, consumers, exchanges, and business within the whole Bitex ecosystem are backed by Bitex own crypto coin XBX Token and G7 Stable crypto coin.

XBX Token —

XBX Token is a standard ERC20 utility token that will be used throughout the Bitex ecosystem.

Its main use case is to reduce overall fees of all interaction within the Bitex ecosystem (sending, lending, trading, etc.) and other utility features include rewarding XBX Token owners with an attractive income simply by holding token.

XBX Token will be issued only during the Initial Coin Offering, and no XBX Token will be issued after that. XBX token is planned to be listed on the EZBitex exchange after ICO.

Bitex ICO —

After helping several startup projects since 2013, Bitex Global is now planning to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange. To support this initiative, Bitex Global is now conducting Initial Coin Offering that will be used to facilitate platform further development.

The token sale is now live and Bitex is offering an exciting bonus for all early adaptors and backers. To take part simply head on to Bitex official ICO landing page:

Study all the technical part and corresponding obstacles this project might meet before acting on the information I give. I invite you to read Bitex submitted Whitepaper here:


Bitex Global aims to build a decentralized crypto coin exchange, bank, and payment solution for everyone, starting in 8 counties, Bitex will expand its global presence, helping a million consumers and merchant around the world. Be part of this journey.

Take Part Now!

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Bitex ICO Product Wallbullbear Crypto Blog


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