Bidooh (DOOH) Disrupting The Billion Dollar Industry Of Global Out-Of-Home Advertising

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Bidooh (DOOH) ICO Review – Wallbullbear Crypto Blog
Bidooh (DOOH) – the world’s first decentralized, automated and intuitive digital billboards built in the cloud that leverages blockchain technology. Bidooh aims to deliver targeted advertising based on customers appearance and allow advertisers to create adverts in seconds using Bidooh mobile app before being available in any digital advertising screen anywhere in the world.

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a well-known tool used by many advertisers for its ability to promote product or services easily using large viewable media screen or billboard. This type of advertising media is very popular in places where there are more consumers such as in the shopping district, airports, bus terminal, and train stations.

Out-of-home advertising is considered to be more traditional and old in the world of marketing, but this approach in advertising seen incredibly booming in the past recent years and here’s why.

In the digital world, that we live in, data and information need to be spread in public way more faster to accommodate fast phase consumer’s life. This where digitalization of traditional out-of-home are coming from and using this, advertisers can now reach more consumers while they are in public in real-time.

This year Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) gain an amazing +16%, according to Magna advertising forecasts, spring update for 2018. The primary reason for this trend said to have come from new airports, malls, and transport system becoming available for media buying. Combined analysis and current market trend, the global billboard market is predicted to grow to 45.46bn by 2021.

Exciting as this is, the market suffers from known OOH’s system inherent inefficiencies that impacting advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike. Today, an advertiser needs to deal with too many middlemen or trusted third-participation that is known to only increases the cost and take the process of application longer.

Not to mention the lack of transparency that misleads many advertisers with the wrong information about targeting efficiency, slow deployment due to poor customer-care respond time and risk of fraud due to the bad programmatic advertising algorithm is also a big problem.

With Bidooh all advertisers need is a mobile app and a crypto coin DOOH to create and publish their next advertisements on any digital advertising screen supported by Bidooh ecosystem.


What is Bidooh?

Bidooh is the world’s first facial recognition digital billboard built on top of blockchain technology. It is a mobile app that allows advertisers to publish advertisements to a digital billboard in real-time. Bidooh is created to deliver targeted advertising based on consumer’s appearance and then recorded facial. Bidooh platform is already at the minimum viable product (MVP) stage and is now proven and developed.

Thanks to blockchain technology, publishers will no longer have to worry about the known increasing fraudulent which still the plaguing current advertising system. Now, every interaction, such as payment transactions within the Bidooh ecosystem is now recorded, distributed, and available for the public for future disputes.

Using the Bidooh mobile app, advertiser can no longer have to wait just to get advance booking and dealing with delay-heavy processes of phone calls and email that could take weeks and even month.

Bidooh mobile app lets advertisers manage their own digital advertisements in minutes and make it go live on any Bidooh supported publisher billboard screen anywhere in the world.

First, download the mobile app from the app store, create an advertisement, choose a location, set budget, and press the publish button. Bidooh is like Google Adwords for the digital billboard world that let advertisers publish ads in 60 seconds.

Bidooh ICO Wallbullbear

No more long process that starts from searching for a better OOH agency (traditional media/network agencies), employ many subcontractors (programmatic advertising agencies) and finding rightful publishers is needed.

What’s more?

Using the Bidooh mobile app, consumers can also join and take part simply by seeing digital ads and get rewarded using Bidooh’s own crypto coin DOOH.


Bidooh Token —

Bidooh Token (DOOH) is an ERC20 utility token that will be used throughout the Bidooh ecosystem. DOOH Token serves as the main backbone of all interaction and represents a single 10-second advertising space on a digital advertising screen. The token smart contract implements OpenZeppelin standards for code quality and security.

Its main use case is to allow advertisers to buy advertising space in real-time using DOOH crypto coin which represents a single 10-second advertising space per single token, and other utility features include awarding users with tokens by inspecting the quality of the adverts, engaging with adverts as an app user simply by seeing ads, and many others.


Bidooh ICO —

After months of developing and series of testing, Bidooh is now ready to accept funding that will be used to complete the build of Bidooh’s Ethereum based blockchain smart contract, build and install more digital advertising screens, and to support company’s legal and operational expenses.

DOOH Token will be available only during the Initial Coin Offer hosted by the team and no DOOH Token is planned to be issued after that. All unsold token will be reallocated into the Bidooh’s token reserve pool and will be used for future partnerships based on company’s submitted whitepaper.

The total amount of token is 126bn, 70% of the token will be available for token sale, 15% reserved for bounty programs, airdrops, partnerships, and other promotional activities, and the remaining 15% will be allocated to the team and advisors.

If you like to take part, head on to Bidooh’s token-sale landing page and register a new account. All links and official social media pages are in below.


Bidooh ICO Wallbullbear


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