AIZeus (AZS) To Bring Seamless B2C And P2P Using AI And Blockchain Technology

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AIZeus is an open-source decentralized platform that leverages advance Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to solve data sharing inefficiency, time-consuming lending operation in the financial sector, increasing fraudulent in e-commerce and volatile crypto market. Zeus team aims to develop a platform to help bring the seamless transition of Business-To-Consumer and Peer-To-Peer using its own innovative technology.


We are now living in millennia where all the data that we create is now considered as the new oil. Data is very important that we are now demanding to make it more secure, low-cost to transfer and faster to share.

For the past recent years, we have seen a lot of approach coming from the biggest and well-known companies around the world to create better data safekeeping, and solve transfer scalability.

In the pursuit to create this, we have come up with another set of problem and now experiencing high transaction cost and slow confirmation coming from trusted third-participation and a lot more. The increasing fraudulent and data hacking is inevitable as well.

It is good also to mention that companies should focus not only to make our data safe but to create a platform also that is available for mass mobile phone users. Today we have seen a lot of changes in our end-users and consumers’ platform usages.

More and more people now prefer to use non-bulky devices like a Smartphone and iOS to connect with online sellers and do business work because of the convenience it causes.

With AIZeus not only they can increase and solve data transfer scalability, but making sure that the data transfer is secure and low-cost as possible. AIZeus have been created to bring a smooth transition to Business-To-Consumer and Peer-To-Peer for commerce, e-commerce, and financial sector.

What is AIZeus?

AIZeus or simply “Zeus” is a decentralized application (DAPPS) and an open-source application for app developers, business, and corporation in the field of finance, e-commerce, commerce, lending, cloud data, and cryptocurrency.

AIZeus is a public blockchain made especially for online and on-ground business with millions of consumers and end-users demanding for secure and seamless operation.

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More and more companies are now turning their attention to build an application for wider masses and AIZeus is a good platform with an ecosystem that combines the power or smart contract — a blockchain feature, and artificial neural network — a subset of artificial intelligence.

AIZeus Platform Features

AIZeus’s own innovative blockchain is built for the mass market of Business-To-Consumers (B2C) and Peer-To-Peer (P2P) application with millions of end-users and consumers. Zeus platform is advertised as a blockchain that is designed for consumer apps by consumer app experts.

The Ecosystem —

Zeus platform is built on AIZeus team’s own blockchain technology with the aid of artificial neural networks. Zeus platform is operated using AI Smart Contract and its own crypto coin “AZS” which act as the backbone of the whole ecosystem.

AIZeus Ecosystem

Zeus ecosystem is an open source platform. Developers can customize and develop their own application based on their target end-user and consumers.

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Platform users can earn AZS crypto coin by simply taking part inside the Zeus platform as a community who will report possible fraudulent, and resolve processing speed and data abuse.

As a community member, you can also be rewarded by AZS crypto coin thru commenting, liking a post, creating content, and rating.

Data users or advertiser, small and medium enterprises (SME) who need a big data can now purchase a customized ad target data inside the platform using AOD or advertising on demand — a feature of AIZeus platform.

AZS Token —

All interaction within the AIZeus ecosystem is backed by AIZeus own crypto coin AZS Token and as platform usability continues to rise, the value of the AZS Token increases as well. No other token will be accepted by Smart Contract but AZS Token.

AIZeus AZS Token

AZS Token is the main transaction crypto coin for Zeus Peer-To-Peer and Business-To-Consumer. All P2P and B2C interaction will generate revenues from data sharing transaction and will be automatically distributed among all token holder within the ecosystem.

Where to get AZS Token Now?

Get AZS Token now by taking part in the Initial Coin Offering hosted by AIZeus team and get inclusive bonuses based stage of your participation. If you like to take part head on to the AIZeus official website to learn more:

To learn more about this project please read the AIZeus project Whitepaper:

I invite you to take into account the technical part and the possible challenges AIZeus project might meet as its platform further develop. I invite you as well to do your own independent research about this project and hire a professional investment advisor.


Data is everything around us, we generate data through our actions, behaviors, and movements. AIZeus project is helping that our data is properly managed and can be monetized. AIZeus aims to help online and on-ground commerce and bring them the seamless transition to P2P and B2C data connection. Disrupting the industry of over a trillion-dollar market size of e-commerce.

Take Part Now!

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